When you’re looking for a partner to help you negotiate the complexities of selling a home, you’ve come to the right place. The experience, dedication and strong communication you’ll receive with Robert Galloway will help ensure the successful and profitable sale of your home:

1. Get A Local Advantage: I take advantage of the broad spectrum of technologies and tools that support a suucessful sale of your home from open to close.

2. Internet Advertising: Marketing data reflects that the majority of home buyers begin their home search on the internet. Your positioning which is the top placement on search engines is what you need for maximum exposure. I provide access to placement on all major real estate sites, Google, partner sites, MSNBC, and available websites that fit your property type. I maximize your exposure with the ultimate goal of bringing a large number of potential buyers to view and appreciate your home.

3. Email Campaigning: It’s important to connect and “work a network” for you I work to identify your buyer audience by targeting people most likely to buy your home. From there, I can market your property using various methods such as online property flyers, video, virtual tours and more.

4. Nothing Beats Personal Touch: Having a meeting in person is just as important as the digital world. Historically, we know technology alone does not sell every home. However, we use technology to bring buyers to your doorstep using various methods. I handle those details with professional care and keep constant communication. My job is to make the home sale process a great experience and have the smoothest transition possible for everyone.

Home Listing Syndication

Listing syndication is the distribution of digital marketing information across the web. The process starts with the marketing plan I design for you. Your home will be marketed and advertised on as many websites online as possible, making sure buyers see your home.

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